We being the user of a system often remove some of our important files mistakenly. After deleting those files we realize their importance and then we start thinking whether it is possible to get back those files or not. If you are also facing a similar situation then you need not worry about your deleted files. It’s a common situation which each and every computer user faces atleast once in their lifetime. Apart from accidental deletion of files there are various other causes that lead to the deletion of important files on Windows xp.

One of them being an anti-virus software contributes to the deletion of files on windows xp. Similarly third party utilities, improper system shutdown and many other factors result in loss of files from Windows xp. But there is no need of panicking for losing your important files on Windows xp. There is a way by which you can regain your important files that are deleted. It sounds miraculous but you can easily get back your deleted files with the help of Windows deleted file restore application. By making efficient use of windows deleted file recovery software it is possible to perform deleted file recovery on Windows xp safely without causing further damage to the files.

What are all the causes for deletion of files on Windows xp?

As mentioned earlier there are a wide variety of reasons for deletion of files on windows xp. Let’s see how these factors result in deletion of files

  • Files deleted using cut and paste command - When we use cut and paste command in windows xp the files stored in windows xp will be deleted from their source location if the moving process is interrupted due to some errors
  • Files deleted during anti-virus scanning - While scanning an anti virus software may wipe off or erase some of your important files. Thus you can expect deletion of files from an anti virus software
  • Files deleted due to the usage of third party utilities - Files on windows xp get deleted if a third party tool is used which can harm the file and lead to its deletion
  • Files deleted using some combination keys - Using few combination keys like shift + delete on files will lead to permanent deletion of files

So these are some of the main causes for deletion of files. But you can get back your deleted files within few minutes by utilizing the best features of windows deleted file recovery utility. Using this tool you can restore file emptied from recycle bin of Windows xp. The windows deleted file recovery can not only restore deleted files from windows xp but it also supports recovery of deleted files from Microsoft Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 2003 etc. This tool is capable of recovering deleted Word files from various versions of Windows.

You can utilize the best features of this tool to recover files that are deleted due to defrag failure, improper system shutdown, repartitioning etc. This tool is the best tool to recover deleted files on USB hard drive as it comes into action when your USB is formatted or crashed due to several reasons. For furthur information you can go through http://www.windowsdeletedfilerecovery.com/retrieve-from-usb-drive.html. The steps for deleted file recovery on Windows xp is simple and it takes only few minutes to retrieve back your deleted files.

Carry out recovery of deleted files on Windows xp by following the steps given below

Step 1: Download and install Windows deleted file recovery program in your system. Soon after launching windows deleted file recovery tool you will be able to see a main screen that has three main options in it. You just have to choose the option of "Recover Files" from this screen. Once you click on this option you will get one more big screen that contains two options from which you need to select "Recover Deleted Files" to carry out deleted file recovery on Windows xp.

Deleted File Recovery on Windows XP - Recover Files

Figure 1: Recover Files

Step 2:: In the next step you have to select a particular drive from a list of drives to recover deleted file from that drive and then the scanning process also begins with the selection of drive.

Deleted File Recovery on Windows XP - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: You can view a list of recovered files as soon as the scanning is complete and then you can preview those recovered files using Preview option.

Deleted File Recovery on Windows XP - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: After previewing if you are satisfied with the performance of the software then you can buy it and later you can save or resume the recovery process using "Save Recovery Session" option after activating the tool.