Sometimes you may delete a file unintentionally and then you realize that you need it very badly after erasing it. You will get into trouble when you delete a word file containing some important work documents. Your Microsoft word will lose documents due to accidental deletion, deletion of documents while partitioning, accidental format etc. Also if you empty your recycle bin that contains those deleted Word documents then they will be permanently lost.

It is obviously a painful experience to lose your most important Word documents. But there is a way to get back all your crucial word files that are lost because of the reasons mentioned above. You can easily recover your MS word files which are deleted with the aid of Windows deleted files recovery tool. You can make use of this tool in case you lost your Microsoft word file and you did not create any backup for it. So don’t bother about your deleted word file as you can safely recover it by utilizing windows deleted file recovery application.

What are the causes for deletion of word files?

Microsoft word document files get deleted due to wide variety of reasons. Go through the causes mentioned below to know the exact cause of your word file deletion.

  • Accidental deletion - It is not uncommon to delete word files accidentally. Unknowingly if someone deletes word file documents by using shift + delete key combination then those word files will be permanently lost. The same thing happens if command + delete key combination is used
  • Deletion of documents while partitioning - While attempting to create a new partition you may encounter partitioning errors due to which Microsoft word files get deleted. Also you may lose your MS word files if you accidentally delete a partition.
  • Accidental format- If windows partitions are formatted unintentionally or unknowingly then you may lose all your Microsoft word file documents.
  • Improper shutdown - If a system that contains word file is not shut down or turned off properly then the word documents present in it will be lost.

Some other causes for deletion of word files are like file system corruption, power outages, crashed hard drive and there are still many other reasons. So there is a need to recover word files that are deleted due to the reasons mentioned above. Thus you can make use of windows deleted file recovery software that can retrieve deleted word files of type .doc, .docx etc. This utility can recover word files that are permanently deleted either by shift + delete or by emptying recycle bin. Thus you can use this tool to retrieve files emptied from recycle bin as it is capable of restoring files of any type that are permanently deleted. As mentioned earlier this tool can recover MS word file documents that are deleted due to hard drive crash.

This tool supports recovery of deleted word files from any type of crashed hard drive for example IDE, SCSI etc. So you can recover deleted files from USB if your USB drive is crashed or formatted by using windows deleted file recovery. This application can easily restore word files that are deleted due to formatted or reformatted partitions. This tool is best suited to perform deleted file recovery on Microsoft windows xp, vista, 2003, 7 and other MS windows versions since it supports almost all the versions of windows. It is a highly rated tool and to know more about this software just log on to So now let’s see how to recover deleted word documents from windows.

Instructions given below are to be followed to recover deleted Microsoft word files

Step 1: Download and run Windows deleted file recovery software in your system. As soon as you install the application you will get to see a main screen in which you will be opted three options among which you need to choose "Recover Files" from the screen. Then you will get one more screen after choosing the first option and this time you have to pick “Recover Deleted Files” option to carry out recovery of deleted word files.

Recover Deleted Word Files - Recover Files

Figure 1: Recover Files

Step 2: In the third screen you will be given a list of drives among which you need to select the drive that earlier contained your deleted Microsoft word files. This process will result in the beginning of scanning process.

Recover Deleted Word Files - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: As soon as the scanning gets complete you will be able to view the recovered word files. To evaluate recovery chances you can Preview those files by clicking on "Preview" button.

Recover Deleted Word Files - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: Ultimately if you find this software as an advantageous tool then you can go for purchasing it. After purchasing it you can activate it and then you can avoid rescanning of your drives by making use of "Save Recovery Session" option.